About us

Interior Concepts has been servicing through out California for over the past 10 years.

Ed Rockwell started the company primarily as a carpet and resilient flooring business; how we started the Interior Concepts name; but has always looked to become more diverse with the constantly changing construction world.

With over 40 years of experiance in the field, we now have expanded our services to over 8 different flooring & surface covering trades and we are always looking for ways to expand & master our services

What we do

Here is a list of the basic services we provide:

   Ceramic/Porcelain Tile     

Quarry/Paver Tile

  ADA Truncated Warning Tile   

Carpeting & Entrance Mats      

Resilient Flooring

   Hard Wood Flooring   

Resilient Base

Concrete Floor Preperation

Simulated Stone/Brick Veneer

Natural  Stone/Brick Veneer

Pre-Cast Concrete/ G.F.R.C. Trim/Caps/Columns & Custom

Stone Counter Tops &    Custom Fabrications
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